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Houston’s Full Service Roofing Contractor

Texas Metal Roofing Contractors (TMRC) is a
full-service Houston roofing contractor with focuses on the replacement and repairs of roofs all over the Houston Metro area. We strive to provide high-end roofing products at an affordable cost to Houston property owners. We can assist property owners with all their roofing needs. We can work with your insurance company to make sure that you the property owner receive a fair inspection of your roof.

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TMRC Has Three Decades of Experience

Texas Metal Roofing Contractors (TMRC) has been serving your area with roofing services for over 30 years. We have replaced 100’s of roofs just like yours for many Houston area homeowners. We will work with your insurance company to make sure that you get the most out of your roof claim. In most cases, we can replace your old asphalt roof shingle with a new
metal roof Houston. I most cases there will be little to no out of pocket expenses, saving you money and repairing your home with a lifelong lasting metal roof.

Inspections by Licensed Adjusters

All TMRC Inspectors are also Insurance Specialist and can provide Houston homeowners with an inspection before your insurance company ever comes out to do their own inspection. Through our inspection, we will be able to inform you if your insurance company will indeed pay for a total roof replacement.

We Work From Start to Finish

At TMRC we handle your entire claim from start to finish and take away some of the hassles of searching for different Houston companies to repair your home. If you live in Houston and think you may have roof damage or you are just looking for an annual free roofing inspection, look no further. We challenge our customers to find a more honest, respected, professional and local roofing company.

Texas Metal Roof Contractors(TMRC) – Roofing Services

Texas Metal Roof Contractors specializes in roof construction, installation and repair in the Houston TX area. We have years of professional experience in all areas of roofing. We take pride in providing the best customer service and roofing experience in the industry. Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC) services all Houston area. Our reputation with our homeowners and businesses speaks for its self. We are one of the Texas premiere roofing companies in our area. We have the experience and knowledge our customers deserve. TMRC provides fast and reliable services. We offer the highest level of quality roofing at affordable prices for all customers.

Keeping Clients Aware of the Process

We will work with your Insurance Company and make sure that you fully understand the process through and through. At Texas Metal Roof Contractors we know how important it is for customers to understand what might be happening with their roof. For the average person, it is very difficult to know if you are in need of a new roof. We can help educate homeowners on what roofing damage they may have.

Free Roofing Inspection

If you believe you might have roof damage or you would like us to take a look as a precautionary measure, please give us a call today to schedule a
free roofing inspection Thank you for choosing Texas Metal Roof Contractors(TMRC)







Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up

The OneDay Course Does Not Make Experts

With the increase in awareness to the potential health hazards resulting from being exposed to pathogens that residual body fluids may contain from whatever cause, there has been an upsurge in individuals and small companies setting up as trauma and crime scene cleaner. Often these “experts” have attended an appropriate training course, but the reality is that despite their enthusiasm, many are woefully ill-equipped to deal with this type of work.

Experience Teaches

Many lessons are learned being involved with wide variety decontaminating incident sites for over a decade or longer. Dealing with suicide and attempted suicide scenes, long-term decompositions, accidental incidents, squats, and other unsanitary property and having worked for the police and coroners offices produces a broad spectrum of experience. Experience in this area teaches one to expect the unexpected.

Domestic and Commercial Clients

There may be a need for confidentiality in decontaminating domestic incidents where relatives have been left to deal with the aftermath. Contracts with commercial clients such as hotel groups and housing associations will almost always want to discuss the confidential services and response offer. Trauma and crime scene cleaning staff members need to be sympathetic, trained, and experienced in dealing with high profile incidents where client confidentiality is a priority.

Documented Procedures

Removal of dried blood and body fluids which may contain pathogens can be difficult and unsavory but tried and tested methods with dedicated equipment, and engineering controls ensure that no visual or residual contamination remains. All decontamination procedures should be documented and rapid hygiene testing was undertaken to validate that the clean up has been sufficient and that the property is restored to a nonhazardous state.

Sewage Back Ups

Dealing with grossly unsanitary incidents such as sewage back surge which need particular attention. Registered waste carriers are required to remove contaminated waste for correct disposal. Response to calls must be fast and confidential, and work must be undertaken when needed (around the clock 24/7).




Dealing With a Flood and Water Damage

Repairing Austin TX Water Damage to Your House?

Flood water problems can damage your vehicle, your phone, and other appliances. Flooding may destroy the expensive things you have. Flooding is even worse if it damages your house as well. Home is the shelter you have and you cannot even imagine living without shelter because of the damaged caused by a flood. If you encounter the problem, there some things you can do before calling for expert water extraction Austin. Check below.


Water Extraction Austin

1. Inspect the House

Just like an expert technician, you should always check or inspect before trying to do any repair action. If you have standing water, make sure the electricity is turned off at the meter. The combination of standing water and electricity make a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Discovering the source of the damage will help solve the problem immediately. When you find the source you can prepare a plan of action. Inspecting the structure will also help to avoid accidents such as falling or slipping on a wet floor.

2. Remove Furnishings

Before starting the drying procedure, you will need to remove all the furniture and other items like carpets and drapes. Moving out the things near the damaged area is necessary. You will not be able to take action if the area is still crowded with furniture or other items. Removing all the things such as carpet, furniture, and other appliances will make your work easier and faster. A water damage problem should be treated as soon as possible. It only gets worse with time.

3. Drying the Wet Things and Walls

Even if the wall looks dry, there can still be moisture in it. Dry the surroundings thoroughly to make sure that it is entirely dried out. Getting the area dry is also helpful in avoiding a mold problem, and the need for you to call a service just to for the mold remediation.

4. Examine the Damaged Area

Examining the damaged area will also help whenever you finish with drying. Close inspection will help you identify if you need to re-dry and to be sure that everything is done. That way, you will be able to proceed with other processes.

5. Arrange and construct

After completing the drying process, the restoration process can begin. You probably will have areas where the sheetrock had to be removed, so you will have to replace it. Your flooring may be damaged and need replacing. Any structural damage will need to be corrected to make the house safe and livable again.

Don’t Go From Bad To Worse

Knowing the basic flood restoration process can help to avoid mistakes making things worse. Of course, if there’s more damage than you feel you can handle you should call on your local water damage restoration service. Sometimes it is just better to seek professional help.…